Xbox 360 Elite Play & Charge Kit

Xbox 360 Elite Play & Charge Kit
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The XBox 360 Elite Play and Charge Kit allows plug and play for high-performance, precision wireless gaming with the Xbox 360 Elite Wireless Controller. Gamers will be given ample warning when the end of battery life is nearing on their 360 Wireless Controller, so they can connect the Play & Charge cable for uninterrupted gameplay. You even get a nifty little "Battery Fuel Gauge" on the XBox 360 dashboard, that shows how much juice is left in the Wireless Controller battery. Let nothing stand between you and defeating the bad guys... least of all a dead controller battery!

  • Recharge your Xbox 360 Elite Wireless Controller while you play
  • Play & Charge Cable enables continuous game play
  • Battery offers 25 hours of play per charge
  • Battery fuel gauge through the Xbox 360 dashboard
  • Includes Play & Charge Cable and NiMH rechargeable battery pack

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