Coin Counter for UK Coins

Coin Counter for UK Coins
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UK Coin Counter

If you are looking for a coin counter to take the headache out of 'cashing up' at the end of the day then you have just found it. Our UK Coin Counters are fast, easy and most importantly, accurate.

It processes 220 coins per minute with ease. The large hopper allows you to feed 300 to 500 coins at a time and you can continue adding coins while it is counting. You can also bundle a preset amount of coins for easy bagging if needed. If you just need to know the total then you can use the Free Count Setting for continuous counting. It works with all UK coins from the 1p to the £2. When it's finished counting you get the total figure displayed on the large easy to read LED display.

Coin Counter Features:

  • Automatically Sorts and Counts Mixed Coins
  • Counts and sorts 220 coins per minute
  • Hopper capacity of 300-500 coins (You can also add more as it goes)
  • With add and batch function
  • Total quantity and batch quantity per denomination
  • Total value and batch quantity per denomination
  • Autostop when the coin tray is full
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Currency: Pounds Sterling
  • Dimensions: 355 x 330 x 266mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Power: AC220V-240V
  • CE approved

Bag Coins Easily:
This machine includes a sophisticated batching facility. Simply specify the bagging quantity for each denomination (e.g. 20 x £1 coins, 10 x £2 coins, 50 x 20p coins etc) at the outset on the easy-to-use menu panel. The machine will then pause when any coin tray reaches the batch limit, and displays the coin denomination in the display panel. You can then bag those coins into your banking bags, and then press continue to resume the sorting/counting.

At the end of the count, the coin sorter displays the total monetary value of the coins counted. If you need to know the totals for each coin denomination you can then step through the display, and it will display the batch total for each coin denomination. You can use these summary figures to instantly complete your Daily Takings sheet and bank paying-in slip.

Damaged Coins:

Damaged coins are rejected by the unit into the reject section at the back of the machine.

Coin Counter Capacity per Tray:

coin counter uk coins

Coin Counter LED Display:

coin counter uk coins

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David Paul, Rated: 5

D N Paul

I was very sceptical about buying such a cheap machine as the last one I purchased cost me 2000, but I have been exceptionally pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to any one not needing to do high quantity sorts quickly. Having said that, at this price 2 machines could handle any amount of coins. Shame it can't sort out euros though, they do get through.

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